SL1588A 18V转3.3V、5V、12V/ 2A同步降压稳压器

2022年08月02日 15:45

General Description
The SL1588A is a high frequency, synchronous, rectified, step-down, switch-mode converter with internal power
MOSFETs. It offers a very compact solution to provide a 2A continuous output current over a wide input supply
range, with excellent load and line regulation. ECOT control operation provides very fast transient response and
easy loop design as well as very tight output regulation.
The SL1588A requires a minimal number of readily available, external components and is available in a space
saving SOT23-6 package.
• Wide 4.5V to 18V Operating Input Range
• 2A Continuous Output Current
• 1.2MHz Switching Frequency
• ECOT Mode Control with Fast Transient
• Built-in Over Current Limit
• Built-in Over Voltage Protection
• Force-PWM Mode
• Internal Soft-Start
• Output Adjustable from 0.6V
• No Schottky Diode Required
• Short Protection with Hiccup-Mode
• Integrated internal compensation
• Thermal Shutdown
• Available in SOT23-6 Package
• -40°C to +85°C Temperature Range
• Digital Set-top Box (STB)
• Tablet Personal Computer (Pad)
• Flat-Panel Television and Monitor
• Wi-Fi Router / AP
• Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
• Portable Media Player (PMP)
• Cable Modem / XDSL
• General Purposes
Typical Application Circuit


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